Cezar Hăbeanu


Cezar Habeanu is a Romanian singer-songwriter and music producer based in Bucharest, Romania, who loves showcasing his music on the most difficult stage there is: the streets! He has played in various countries around the world, including Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Croatia, France, Greece, Morocco, and, of course, his home country: Romania.

Cezar Habeanu is also the winner of Satu Mare’s StreetMusic Festival in 2017, and has played various other festivals around the world, including street music festivals in Agadir(Morocco) Vienna, Rotterdam, Dublin, Galati, Targu Mures.
His debut album named 2005 includes 8 songs and was launched in 2017 under Universal Music Group, followed by other singles such as All Over and Sweet Escape and other personalised covers. His voice may also be heard on TV based commercials for brands such as Muller, Petrom, ING, Tuborg.