Dario Rossi

Dario Rossi is an artist, drummer, percussionist and music producer.
He is one of the best-known drummers in the world for the originality and uniqueness of his performances.
His music, and especially his way of producing it, represents an unicum into the electronic scene.
Born in 1988, he started making experiments with sound playing on various surfaces and objects obtaining sound, rhythm and music. Dario began studying drums at the age of ten, and then he enters the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, attending the conservatory at the same time.

Dario Rossi is today appreciated by millions of people all over the world, among which also include important icons of the musical scene. He currently performs in clubs, theaters and music festivals across Europe, and in 2018 he produced his first official release “Alarm Clock EP”, distributed on vinyl, cd, and digital downloads.