Dubase is a true veteran of the local music scene. His mixing and digging skills place him among those who left a legacy on the music scene. His journey into music started in 1997 under the Cluj Ravin Society, a crew that founded the first Romanian music festival, De la Hoya.

In his backpack filled with recollections from the last 25 years, you can find Dubase as a curator, alongside ZO, for the Roots stage at Electric Castle, soundtrack filler alongside Calibro 46 (Leizaboy) for noir movies, true junglist and one of the first promoters of the genre on FM radio (back in 98-99) alongside Seba 1394, a vinyl records shop co-owner in Oradea, called Lazyhour, and a radio host at Black Rhino Radio with the monthly show – Babalonia.