(DJ Romania)

Glodan’s musical interest started early on projects with focus on the electronic sound. His early start into the world of drum’n’bass led him into discovering the dark and subtle sound of neuro & deep, while the pleasure of being behind the decks became no longer a hobby, but almost addictive.

The past 5 years find him surrounded by the Scandinavian context of techno and a diverse network of talented djs with whom Glodan lays the basis of an underground movement of outdoor raves and parties around the industrial area of Aalborg. 
In the meantime, his taste for techno continues to grow and develops into signature sets with focus on minimalistic sounds and deep bassline. He becomes part of The Groovebox Collective local crew for an entire season of underground groove and monthly parties which increases the concept’s popularity among the local rave scene and not only. Friday evenings are taken up by a new project done in collaboration with his partner in crime and often b2b – Razvan.

Both active volunteers of Aalborg Student Radio, they hosted the “Urban Groove” weekly show playing techno and house in all their different shapes and sizes while updating on the ongoing local events. Outside the radio, the duo gains popularity while often spotted on the line up of many electronic music events around Aalborg such as On Air Festival ‘15-’16, Switch, Groovebox, Blue Machines, Harbour: Candy, Om:Form #2 or Deer Friends.
Currently, Alex’s studio has taken shape in Cluj (Romania) where in the past 7 years he became quite popular on the local scene playing at events most known event like EC, Alandala, Oscilatii, Ish parties and many others. Lately he is most often found at Hibrid where he has a residency.