K-lu is a dj and producer present on the electronic music scene since 2005.
His shows are based on genres like funk, hip-hop, electro and bass music combined with his own video mixes.
Over the years he has been part of several projects and bands, has collaborated with various artists, has been on the stage of the biggest festivals in the country, has performed at jazz festivals, on the stage of the Timisoara Philharmonic and abroad. He is currently active in the Ken Pith and Bongo P projects.

Having a unique style, based on scratch craftsmanship, K-lu easily stands out through his sets sprinkled with lines from classic Romanian movies that surprise and amuse at the same time.

His discography contains:
– Nectar [Ep] (2024)
– Square Shape [Ep] (2023)
– The Pawn King [Ep] (2022)
– Operation Monsters [Album] (2018)
– Re-Mixed [Ep] (2016)
– Colors of Rhythm (Mixtape) (2016)
– Stuff, Socoteli [Album] (2014)