In 2014, a small group of people put together an event where the people of Satu Mare, regardless of their nationality, could get together, laugh and dance alongside street musicians from all over the world, to the most exciting rhythms of the world. A weekend where the streets come alive and spaces where people haven’t gathered in a long time come alive with music.

The story continued. Seven years have passed, during which the musicians, travelling from more than twenty countries on five continents, have filled the streets of Satu Mare with music. The musicians were the pulse of the city and the body and soul of it were you: the smiling audience.

The street music festival arrived almost out of nowhere. Many people in Satu Mare said at the time that it was their favourite weekend. They also said that this was the weekend when they were really proud to be born in Satu Mare.

Today, there are more and more weekends and weekdays when we can be proud of being from Satu Mare.

Together we continue to write the history of Satu Mare with music, art and smiles. Experiences and friendships are born here. Cultures meet. Today, other cities are also discovering the wonder of Satu Mare street music.

After a year of silence, in 2021, the streets of Satu Mare will dance again to the sounds of street music. Through music and your presence, the heart of the city will keep beating faster. Join us!